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The kitchen sponge alternative

  • Ghost nets (discarded fishing nets) are a threat to marine life.
  • One solution to reduce their negative impacts is upcycling.
  • Our Fischnetz with Benefits are up-cycled from used Moroccan fishing nets.
  • Fischnetz with Benefits can be used for longer periods of time before needing to be replaced.
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    • Dish sponges host more microbes than toilets.
    • A 2022 research study shows that kitchen brushes have lower bacterial levels than dish sponges.
    • Fast drying plays a crucial role for the bacterial load.
    • 1094 Amazon reviews of kitchen brushes were analised.
    • 79% said that the bristles don't last long enough.
    • Fischnetz with Benefits are a long-lasting alternative to dish sponges with low bacterial loads.
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    • Kitchen sponges hold billions of bacterial cells.
    • Moraxella bacterium is responsible for the bad sponge smell.
    • Researchers suggest kitchen sponge replacements on a weekly basis.
    • Fischnetz with Benefits are a sustainable and hygienic alternative to dish sponges.
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