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Red Fischnetz with benefits as a dish sponge alternative. The net is wet and has foam on it.
Red Fischnetz With Benefits as a reusable kitchen sponge alternative. The net is wet and has foam on it.

We are Oli and Jii, life partners and the founders of Fischnetz with Benefits living in Zurich, Höngg.

We used those yellow-green kitchen sponges for multiple years and have been starting to use more sustainable alternatives to plastic dish sponges in the recent years.

Spending a lot of time in Morocco, we came across fishing nets for cleaning and dishwashing in literally every household. Unfortunately, we were not able to find such nets anywhere in Europe. Our goal is to replace millions of dish sponges with Fischnetz with Benefits in European households too.

Left: used kitchen sponges with text: use 40-50 sponges per year. Right: red fischnetz with text: use one upcycling Fischnetz for 4 years.

Already today, our Fischnetz are upcycled from used fishing nets. Our vision is to use ghost fishing nets exclusively. These are abandoned, lost, or discarded fishing nets that will be recovered from the ocean. This will have an even greater impact on the marine eco-system.

Meet Oli & Jii

Jii, one of the founder of Fischnetz with Benefits.


Hi all, I am Jii, an enthusiastic entrepreneur in the making!

I graduated with a Master's degree in Marketing, Management and Communication from Toulouse Business School, worked for a while in those fields then switched to headhunting! I moved to Zürich to join Oli and decided to focus on our small business ❤️

I'm a true crime fanatic and an eager knowledge seeker. I'm curious about everything and constantly challenge my beliefs to expand my mind as much as I can.

I have a deep sense of aesthetic and harmony when it comes to antic and vintage pieces and furniture. I’m fond of natural and organic materials and dare to tastefully mix styles from
different time periods, far from the trendy Nordic aesthetic.

I prioritize second-hand items, from furnishing & clothing to kitchen utilities ;) That’s why I am so excited to replace dish sponges with our upcycled fishing nets!

Oliver, one of the founder of Fischnetz with Benefits.


Hi, I am Oli

together with my wife Jii, I am the founder and manager of Fischnetz with Benefits.

I am a surfing 🏄‍♂️ scientist with a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from ETHZ 👨‍🔬 who loves long hikes, mountains, camping, salt water, live music, flohmis and animals.

Being a passionate surfer and having a strong connection to the ocean, I am super enthusiastic about creating a sustainable and long-lasting product that has a positive impact on the marine environment.

I have been using upcycled fishing nets as a sponge alternative for many years myself. I discovered this alternative during my surf travels in Morocco, where they already have been in use for decades.

I am super excited to start a dish washing revolution and replace millions of dish sponges with our upcycled Fischnetz with Benefits in Swiss (and European) households!

Fishing for compliments: What our customers say about Fischnetz ❤️