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Our Fischnetz as an eco-friendly corporate gift idea

Welcome to our eco-friendly corporate gift B2B page! We are excited to introduce our upcycled Fischnetz with Benefits as a sustainable sponge alternative that is perfect for companies looking to make a positive impact on the environment.

Red Moroccan fishing nets. A white text says: Upcycling of used fishing nets.

Our upcycled Fischnetzis made from discarded fishing nets that have been collected and repurposed. By upcycling these nets, we are preventing them from polluting our oceans and harming marine life. Instead, we are giving them asecond life as a useful and sustainable product.

Not only is our upcycled fishing net environmentally friendly, but it is also highly functional. The sponge alternative is designed to be both gentle on surfaces and effective at cleaning, making it a great addition to any kitchen or bathroom. It can be used to wash dishes, clean countertops, or even exfoliate skin in the shower.

Additionally, our upcycled Fischnetz is long-lasting and durable. Unlike traditional sponges that need to be replaced frequently, our sponge can withstand multiple uses and can be easily cleaned and sanitized to extend its lifespan.

By choosing our upcycled fishing net as a corporate gift, you are not only demonstrating your commitment to sustainability, but you are also supporting a small business that is dedicated to making a positive impact on the environment.

A woman hand holding a foamy Fischnetz with Benefits in her hand.

We offer customization options for our eco-friendly corporate gift idea, including branding with your company's logo or a personalized message. This makes it a great gift option for corporate eventstrade shows, or employee appreciation.

Depending on the number of Fischnetz gifts and the level of customization, the price per gift is between 12 and 20 CHF.

Thank you for considering our upcycled fishing net sponge as an eco-friendly corporate gift option. Together, we can make a difference in protecting our planet and creating a more sustainable future.

A box on a hand with a Fischnetz sponge alternative inside. The box is presented as a sustainable and eco-friendly corporate gift idea. The Fischnetz with Benefits logo is in one corner. The logo in the other corner says "your logo".

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Our Fischnetz with Benefits is the best sponge alternative

... and a thoughtful & eco friendly gift for employees!

How to use a Fischnetz with Benefits?

Our Fischnetz is simple to use:

  1. Wet your Fischnetz + add dish-cleaning soap + create foaming bubbles
  2. Scrub and clean your dishes
  3. Hang your Fischnetz to dry
  4. Use it again
4 Steps how to use a Fischnetz with Benefits as a sponge alternative.