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Rotes Fischnetz mit Herzen. Text:" Gewinne ein Fischnetz mit"

Win a Fischnetz with Benefits with

In collaboration with, we are giving away 10 sustainable Fischnetz with Benefits 😍

Our sustainable sponge alternative is upcycled ♻️ from used fishing nets and offers an eco-friendly alternative to traditional kitchen sponges. Inspired by decades of use in North African households, this sponge stands out for its longevity, lasting for over two years. Moreover, it's washable and versatile for use, whether at home or while traveling.

Directly from the depths of the ocean to your kitchen: A Fischnetz sponge replaces 30-40 conventional kitchen sponges per year, thus preventing a significant amount of waste 💪

Participate in the giveaway and stand a chance to win a Fischnetz with Benefits sponge. If you don't win, you can get your Fischnetz with Benefits here as well 🤓

The deadline for participation is October 10, 2023 🤞