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The sustainable dish sponge | Reusable | Washable

The sustainable dish sponge Fischnetz with Benefits is an eco-friendly and hygienic alternative to kitchen/dish sponges.

For decades, such nets have been used in North-African households and have already replaced millions of dish sponges.

It is upcycled from used fishing nets which makes them particularly 

✅ durable 
✅ long-lasting 
✅ strong.

The reusable Fischnetz with Benefits is washable and can be used for

  • Washing dishes
  • Kitchen cleaning
  • Bathroom cleaning 
  • Oven cleaning 

The Fischnetz is lightweight and can be also used for:

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The Fischnetz dish sponge alternative is hanging on a kitchen wall over a kitchen sink.
Fischnetz with Benefits als Silikonschwamm Alternative. Das Netz hängt in einer Küche.

✓ Reaches more spots
✓ Doesn't scratch the surface
✓ Hygienic
✓ Doesn't smell / Odor-free
✓ Reusable
✓ Lasts for years
✓ Saves money


Absolutely, you can! 🌟

We understand your skepticism – many of our customers were initially the same way. But let us assure you: Fischnetz With Benefits are excellent for washing dishes.

See for yourself what other customers have to say after their initial doubts (all translated from German):

👉 Michael wrote: «I was interested in trying out a new 'sponge', but my wife was sceptical about this fishing net. Now we're buying three more... as gifts for the family. Surprisingly, it works very well, doesn't smell, dries quickly and cleans almost better than a normal sponge. Simply TOP!!!»

👉 M. K. said: «Even my husband, who was a little sceptical at first, mainly because of the unusually long and narrow cut (you get used to the shape very quickly), is now completely happy with the product. So double thumbs up from us and an absolute recommendation to buy.»

👉 Corinne wrote: «At first I was sceptical as to whether a fishing net could replace a conventional sponge. Conclusion: I am delighted. Cleaning works just as well and I can continue to make a contribution to reducing plastic waste!»

So, set your skepticism aside and give it a try! These experiences from our customers speak for themselves. 😊🌿

💡 By the way, you can find all Fischnetz With Benefits reviews here ⭐.

Your Fischnetz is durable, strong and long-lasting 💪

You can use one Fischnetz with Benefits for several years ✅

1) Wet your Fischnetz 💦
2) Add a little dish-cleaning soap 💧
3) Crumple your Fischnetz to make foaming bubbles 🙌
4) Scrub and wash 🛁
5) Rinse Fischnetz and hang it 💦
6) Use again (even before it fully dries) ❤️

✅ Yes, the Fischnetz is washable.

You can easily put it into the dishwasher or machine-wash Fischnetz.

From our experience, it's not a necessity to be machine-washed or put into the dish-washer 🛁

The Fischnetz with Benefits does not soak water and it dries quickly, leaving no room for bacteria to thrive. Every time you use it, you actually wash it ❤️

🌊🇲🇦 Our fishnets are sourced from coastal regions in Morocco, primarily Essaouira and Casablanca. These cities have a strong fishing heritage that's central to their culture and economy.

✅ Upcycling these nets promotes sustainability and helps protect the environment and the ocean.

💪🏼 We are proud to incentivise Moroccan fishermen not to lose or dispose of their nets in the ocean.

💡 By the way, you can find more information about upcycling fishing nets here.

➡️ The Fischnetz With Benefits is not microplastic-free.

✅ However, unlike conventional plastic sponges, it does not dissolve during use or cleaning, but retains its shape and durability for several years. This indicates that very little microplastic is released. The exact amount can only be confirmed by laboratory tests.

➡️ Fischnetz with Benefits is founded and managed by Oli and Jii, life partners 👫 based in Zurich, Höngg.

👨‍🔬🏄‍♂️ Oli is a surfing scientist with a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from ETHZ, while 🗣️ Jii has a background in marketing, management, and communication with a Master's degree from Toulouse Business School.

❤️ Together, they are passionate about creating sustainable and long-lasting products that have a positive impact on the environment.

💡 Here, you can get more information about the founders.

Customer Reviews

Based on 69 reviews
Isabelle S. (CH)

sehr zufrieden

Manuela E.P. (CH)
Grandios :-)

Ich war von Anfang an begeistert. Ich bin sehr froh eine Lösung zum Schwamm gefunden zu haben. VIELEN DANK für Euren Einsatz für die Umwelt - DANKE :-)

Selina S. (CH)
Super praktisch, positiv überrascht

Ich war zuerst skeptisch, da ich nur mit Spülschwamm den Abwasch mache. War aber auch immer auf der Suche nach Alternativen, die mich bis jetzt alle nicht überzeugt haben. Aber ich habe den Schwamm aus der Küche verbannt, denn sogar Teigreste vom Backen und Käse aus dem Fonduecaquelon bekommt das Netz super weg. Die Rückstände lassen sich anschliessend mühelos aus dem Netz schütteln. Schneller Versand mit viel Herz. Empfehle es gerne weiter.

Magdalena P. (CH)

Großartiges Produkt :)

Alexandra F. (CH)

Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit dem Fischernetz, das Abwaschen klappt prima!

Bianca K. (CH)
Hält was es verspricht

Wie im Titel beschrieben, hält das Netz was es verspricht. Mit einer kleinen Sache, die evtl. unseren sehr feinen Nasen geschuldet ist. Wir finden, dass es doch nicht ganz geruchlos ist. Es ist Sauber und man riecht, dass es auch gründlich gereinigt wurde, nur eine Spur des Meeres steckt noch drin und ich glaube, das bekommt man aus so einem Netz auch nicht heraus. Es ist auch nicht eklig, das man das Gefühl hätte, es läge ein Fischgeruch in der Küche. Es ist einfach nicht ganz so geruchlos, wie beschrieben.

How to use a Fischnetz with Benefits?

Our reusable Fischnetz is simple to use:

  1. Wet your Fischnetz + add dish-cleaning soap + create foaming bubbles 💦
  2. Scrub and clean your dishes 🛁
  3. Hang your Fischnetz to dry 💨
  4. Use it again 💚
4 Steps how to use a Fischnetz with Benefits as a sponge alternative.

Little waves in left corner. Fischnetz with Benefits dish sponger alternative in right corner.
Little waves in left corner. Fischnetz with Benefits dish sponger alternative in right corner.

The long-lasting kitchen sponge alternative

One reusable Fischnetz with Benefits lasts for years and replaces 30 - 40 kitchen sponges per year.

Let's start a dish washing revolution and replace millions of dish sponges with upcycled Fischnetz with Benefits!

Quick-Drying Wonder

A better cleaning tool than a sponge is anything that can dry completely between uses, so germs cannot grow.

Due to its diamond mesh structure, the Fischnetz dries very quickly and is a quick-drying wonder

Fischnetz are Upcycled

We reduce the negative impact on the ocean by upcycling used fishing nets and converting them into a sustainable sponge alternative.

We are proud to create an eco-friendly alternative to traditional kitchen sponges.